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Take Advantage of Experience


Get novel, scientifically validated insights in a concise, actionable manner. Topics can be tailored to your needs and specific industry challenges. My specific experience is in the logistics, fashion and energy sectors.


From one-day workshops to week-spanning seminars: With my decade of experience in sustainability, CSR and environmental management I can help practising managers develop their own skills and capabilities.


In need of someone who can help you refine and improve your sustainability strategy and actions? I can help you make the right choices and set actionable targets.

Selected Prior Appointments

Deutscher Logistik Kongress Berlin, Speaker

Bündnis '90 - Die Grünen im Bundestag, Advisor

Innovation Forum, Amsterdam 2018,  Speaker

Consulting Field Study, Sustainability Materiality Assessment, Advisor

Certificate Training in Leadership, Stakeholder Management, Trainer

Consulting Field Study, Systematic Assessment of Product Suitability for Additive Manufacturing, Advisor

Corporate Training, Megatrends, Sustainability and Controlling, Trainer

Corporate Training, Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Trainer

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